Ditch Fish project: Site visit

October 16: I jumped at the opportunity to head to Sweet Home for a site visit and meet building owner Sarah S. A big thanks to Sarah for connecting with me!!  The drive was beautiful, sunny and feeling so much like fall! It took almost an hour to get there from home. Sarah showed me the building: back portion is mainly a gymnastics/cheer/ fitness space, front is in transition. Photos below are of the front windows I’ll be working with.

My main focus will be the corner windows close to the front door. They measure about 61″ wide and are about 21″ off the floor. I’ll need to build some sort of a raised surface but nothing fancy since it won’t be supporting much weight. I’ll also need to figure out some way to hang fish from the upper long windows in the last photo. What do I do with the vertical narrow windows? A lot to figure out in one month! I do love that the front door is so big. It makes it easier to bring assembled sections into the building!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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