Pulling out the charcoal

        Start of a poppy drawing: stage 1 & 2.

How do I procrastinate from tasks needing work? Typically I pull out a completely unrelated art form like knitting scarves, printmaking or something totally different. Yesterday it was drawing with charcoal.  Maybe I can partly blame fellow blogger Rosie Scribblah in Wales. I adore her blog. Her daily scribbles of people she encounters, cats, pigeons,  you name it, are all incredible. If it sits still for a little bit, she’ll capture it on page! Since she’s always sketching, she has a fabulous hand especially with human subjects. If you’ve not seen her blog, please check it out. Besides drawing, she is also a printmaker. Recently she started on a different charcoal technique I’ve never encountered: reductive drawing using turpentine on gessoed paper covered in compressed charcoal. I’ve actually woke up at night thinking about starting a piece. So I thought it was high time to start a basic drawing on a toned scrap of paper (Somerset) with charcoal.  No gesso yet, but I plan on repeating the process using the reductive method in a few weeks.  The poppy image has been waiting for months to become a drawing.

Paper size: 25cm x 70cm

More refinement to go.

Thanks Rosie for your inspiration!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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