Under the Leaves

This coat did not just come to life one day, but has come from the past many months of Mocha’s life.  Yes, the old dog. I actually gather quite a few good projects from the ending months with my lovely companions. Chloe’s slow daily walks brought about examining little changes along our walk. I collect small bits along the way and sealed them in paper packets using a sewing machine and wax. Some days I dyed the paper with coffee or tea. The packet contents started changing into black paper silhouettes (still sandwiched between paper,stitched and waxed).  I would choose one visual stimuli from that day and cut the silhouette.  Chloe was a basset hound and lived to 15 yrs 6 months and 24 days before we put her down. The project is waiting to be revisited in larger form. It did gain an honorable mention at the Howland Community Open in 2007.

Back to Mocha. Her specific project is still in the works and will not be completed until after her passing. I’m collecting all of her canned dog food labels and turning them into a “burden coat”.  It involves shredding, weaving and quilting the labels together. If she keeps going as well as she is…. that’s going to be one big coat!

My brain has been wrapped in a coat theme for many months. Daily walks through the park, examining changes in the beautiful leaf skeletons… it became a challenge to turn leaves into wearable art.

I’ll try to get the images updated later.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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