Retro Art

While looking at my friends site, I jumped into her “Retro” section. I find in very interesting to see the progression of artists through time. A great example is the  Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam which displays his work in a winding time line through the beautiful building. So why not put up a piece of my history on the blog?

There is  a batik hanging in my studio I created 24 yrs ago. Whew! 24 yrs?! That’s crazy sounding.  This was the third batik  showed outside high school walls thanks to the art teacher Sue Markley. It traveled to Osaka Japan with a grouping of other high school work. Unfortunately, I have no idea where it hung while there for 3+ months but it did return home safely.


The image was based on a oil painting by artist …..humm, can’t remember…… I have no idea of why I chose that particular image  but it probably had something to do with the colors of the setting sun on the mountains. Atmospheric distortion was a concept I was working with along with color contrast. Foreground  caribou & wolf standoff, foothills behind wolf and mountains behind that. A tad too much pink for my liking these days but what can you expect out of a 16 yr old playing in color and wax. It is what it is and a look back in time.  Maybe this is why I’m still drawn to the fiber world, the art experience in high school.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

One thought on “Retro Art

  1. Hmm. Didn’t see it when I was there, but I didn’t get around to the exhibitions either 🙂

    Too busy eating sushi and drinking beer. Lots of beer. Oh man, lots of beer..

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