Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2

Class photos: Ann Kresge’s Creative Bookbinding at Sitka June 22-24, 2009 Ann talking about some of her books. Her Mt. Olympus book was created using block prints. Each image was hand sewn into the accordion folded pages. The images describe to the viewer her hike up Mt. Olympus in Greece with school children. Notice howContinue reading “Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2”

Bookbinding at Sitka with Ann Kresge- Part 1

Back to reality from 3 glorious days at Sitka. What a wonderful place to go. I highly recommend taking a workshop there. Great staff, incredible location, good facilities and wonderful instructors. I took a workshop from print/bookmaker Ann Kresge on the basics of bookbinding. I needed this workshop a couple of years ago, but I’mContinue reading “Bookbinding at Sitka with Ann Kresge- Part 1”

Off to a workshop…

I’m heading out Saturday to Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (Lincoln City) for a new workshop. Artist Ann Kresge is offering a 3 day class titled “Creative Bookbinding: Books, Albums, Alternative & Sculptural Bindings.” I enrolled back in March thinking Mocha would no longer be with us by late June. Ha! Fat chance! PoorContinue reading “Off to a workshop…”

Another Leaf Garment?

Since the leaf coat was so well accepted by the general public and artist community, I’ve decided to do another garment using the remaining Oregon Ash leaves.  This time smaller and using a different splash of interest, lichens! Yes, those primordial cleaners of the air, grey green,  symbiotic relationship with trees & not making muchContinue reading “Another Leaf Garment?”

Gyotaku with Rubber Fish

On Saturday night after going out for dinner and a movie with friends,  Tracie took me to her car and passed off a big grocery bag full of rubber fish. WOW! I was so excited! Tracie teaches 4th grade at an elementary school here in Albany. She is gearing up to change schools so everythingContinue reading “Gyotaku with Rubber Fish”

Textbook Test Coat

Textbooks. You might have a couple still hanging around your garage or basement, collecting dust and mildew. Some of you might have been proactive in turning them in for cash prior to the end of finals. Unfortunately some are never returnable.You can spend$40 plus for one book. So what have I done with my extras?Continue reading “Textbook Test Coat”