December Birthdays

The month of December holds 4 birthdays in our family. One on the 6th, 14th and 2 on the 17th. This year is the “Threes”, 23, 53 & 83! Shannon is an honorary 43, which she was quite fond of.

We celebrated in Eugene at the old house. Kim and her two oldest made it (Alex & Kirsten). Mike & Shannon picked up Bryant before heading to town. Lee was there too, being the oldest birthday boy. Evelyn received visits from us on our way home.

Kim picked up Lee’s favorite cake from Metropol Bakery. September 7th is the type. Extremely rich with lots of airy frosting and whipped cream interior. Dave & I picked up sandwich fixings, M & S picked up chips and dips. Nothing fancy and it was a quick party with Kirsten & Alex both having to leave early for work.

Mike, Shannon, Lee & Kim

Kim, daughter Kirsten & son Alex

Dave, Bryant & Shannon

Shannon Guthrie, Lee & Kim

The cake and official “December 2009 Birthday Sumo Trading Cards”!

The twins, Alex & Kirsten Olsen.

Kim & the Bali heads complete with party curls.

A tired looking Gale!

Evelyn received a new cell phone since her new room doesn’t have one. They have her in the “resident” section of the facility. Elevator door & stairwell doors are security coded so people can’t escape. A very different feeling upstairs. It’s also $320 a day for her to be there. Medicare denied her claim so Lee is having to provide coverage. We hope the change pushes her to WANT to leave.

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3 thoughts on “December Birthdays

  1. Thanks, I forwarded this to Lisa. It’s been so long since I have seen any of you, so nice of you to to update me (and name) those who were there. You did look tired , but good. I don’t have your email, if you have time I’d like Evelyn’s phone number. Can Medicare be appealed? Would require one of the docotors intervention.
    the Chantrelle’s sound yummy, but the cake looks like a real masterpiece. Hi to all, Aunt Jean

  2. Also thank you for the great pictures! Like Jean it has been a long time since I have seen everybody. Mike sure looks old. Alex & Kirsten sure are good looking kids. Merry Christmas.
    Bob & Gayle

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