Sleeping afternoon

Not a lot happened after her morning visits except sleep. Lee went to visit after lunch at 1pm and waited around to see if she would wake up, but no go. Mike, Shannon & Bryant showed up around 3 and she was still sleeping. Dave & I showed up 10-15 min later, still sleeping. Kim & Tom about 10 minutes later… yep, you guessed it, still sleeping. Jenny her nurse today probably was getting pretty tired of all us calling from the waiting area outside ICU, but what ever. They were supposed to be giving her platelets into her blood this afternoon/evening to boost levels. The doctor was also talking about doing a bone marrow test (why would you do one on someone so ill, I really don’t quite understand that). Yes, we do understand that it’s the marrow that produces the blood & platelets. Her levels are still not sufficient enough for radiation treatment. Maybe tomorrow.

Looks like we will all be meeting up at 10am for another round. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see her awake! We were all glad she was getting some much needed rest and hope it will allow her body to produce more platelets (they do only last about 10 days in the body). We did do the group dinner of Chinese food from the restaurant Alex works for. He even delivered it!

I’ll try to remember to drag the computer along to Eugene tomorrow to make posting easier. Only 2 eagles today and 17 red tail hawks.

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One thought on “Sleeping afternoon

  1. Dear Gale, I am glad that Marilyn forwarded info. to me & I looked at your website. I had tried to check in with Michael months ago with no response. I have the world’s oldest computer and therefore, I am ‘down’ alot. I am so sorry that Evelyn is in such dire straits. My husband’s (Steven) mother had congestive heart failure and they did a major heart surgery on her at 90. She got about 4 more years. I hope that something more can be done for Evelyn that will both save her and give her some more quality life. You sound like a very special woman & I hope sometime we see each other again. My son, Chris, and you were born within a year of each other. Chris was born on May 29th, Nana’s Birthday and I think you were the day before. My daughter, Simone is pregnant with her second child and she has a little girl who will be two on Feb. 01 whom she named Zoe in honor of her great, great grandmother. Once again, I am very sorry that Evelyn is so unwell. LOVE Nancy

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