Cannulas and whole blood

Morning results are interesting as we travel along this roller coaster ride. Evelyn has been very talkative this morning according to Kim. She, Lee & Tom are all with her right now. Her platelet count is down to 18k this morning. She did not receive the radiation yesterday because her platelet count was too low. Level needs to be at 50k before they can proceed. So they are pumping whole blood into her system and will eventually be feeding platelets directly into her spleen via a cannula (a small tube inserted directly into the body cavity to deliver/remove fluid). At least I think this is how it will go. Fortunately Tom is there, mr. blood man, who understands the terminology and working of the blood system. He probably has the best grasp on what’s really happening. The rest of us keep google search engine going with terminology.

The nurse was there administering oxycodone for her pain. She is also back on oxygen.

forgot to mention her brother Harold & his wife Lindsay stopped by to visit her this morning as well.

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