Afternoon meeting today

Yesterday the bone marrow biopsy was taken. Results may still be a few days out.

Occupational therapist was in and had Evelyn wash her own face and brush her teeth.

Our nurse for the next few days is Mary, one we had on our last trip through ICU back in September.

Palliative care will be assisting the family with helping to try to let Evelyn understand that life is coming to an end. What is palliative care? It is “medical or comfort care that reduces the severity of a disease or slows progress rather than cure it.” Our hopes are to find a good place for her to be comfortable.

Evelyn does understand that if she leaves the hospital, than she will die. Laura, the Palliative care person, said Evelyn reminds her very much of her own mother who wasn’t about to accept the end of her life. As she put it, “she was like a cat on the screen door of life” or something like that. I’m sure you all can conjure up similar images. She was going to suggest to Dr Amean prescribing anti anxiety medication for this situation. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt.

The family will be meeting up at 4pm. Lee is back this morning from Yachats. I hope the escape did him some good. Yesterday I mentally shut down and watched movies all afternoon, drank hot cocoa and tomato soup, contemplated a new block print design involving a wind swept coastal tree. Couldn’t quite face going back on line to this page to write.  Breaks from email and blogging are necessary since answering questions wipes me out. I’m sure you all understand.

So that is where we stand going into today.

Papers will be signed in the sale of WET Labs, the business Dave & my brother Mike both work for. Nothing like having all sorts of extra stress thrown into the cogs of life.

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