News from Mike’s visit

Mike passed along last nights report via email that I thought you all might like to read.

The new room 8127 is pretty nice. Didn’t see it in daylight but from the
direction and building layout it should have a great view of the river
and valley out toward Marcola.
A couple comments she made pretty solidly imply that she thinks
she’s back in the South Hills first floor room. Bits about not letting
the cat in and the feeding schedule. She may be in for a surprise in the
morning. I’m not sure we managed to get across the idea of where
she is.

We got there as Kim and Kirsten were escaping. I gather things
had not been really all that pleasant. The stuffed Kangaroo Kirsten
gave her is cute. She had just had a dose of morphine and had
dozed off a bit before we got there. Stayed in nappy mode for
about another 20 min. and then woke up in some pain. Mostly
lower back/hip area. Got the nurses (Lisa and Mary) to move her
up and reposition the bed. That helped some.
She was taking even longer (10-12 sec.) to answer any question
but as time went on she got clearer and stronger and was using
complete sentences. Sometimes responding immediately. Best I’d
seen in that regard in a week.

She was able to read the notes on the board across the room
so the eyesight is doing better than I expected. She handled
her Sponge-on-a-stick for mouth hydration pretty well. Again
better than the last couple days.

Since the pain was getting worse we had the nurses in for another
position change and that helped more than the first time but she
requested another dose since things still weren’t going well.
About 90 min. between doses. Could be better…

Ya should have seen the look on her face when the volunteer
came by and asked if she wanted to hear Harp Music. Really,
they have a harpist who comes by. Somehow that idea didn’t sell well.

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3 thoughts on “News from Mike’s visit

  1. Harp music seems to be the ‘latest thing’ in calming people. My friend Anne plays the harp and believe me it is upbeat and patients love her. She’s also in a small jazz group and plays the clarinet. I have no idea what the harpist plays at Riverbend, but I’d find out before I exposed anyone to it.
    Evelyn’s demands and annoyances tell us she’s putting up a fight to have what she wants. GO GIRL is my cheer for her.
    Thanks for the info so I can send a card to her. Love, M, R, and S

    1. I’m pretty sure my friend Ella would have the scoop on harp music in hospitals. She is a mosaic artist creating work for the hospital walls and with patients through the Arts Care program sponsored by the Arts Center and the hospital (this is in Corvallis). Eugene must have a similar program as well. The art at Riverbend is quite nice! Art can provide great healing strength/focus to those going thru difficult life changing situations. But Evelyn wasn’t about to venture down that pathway even when she was at the South Hills dungeon. Most of my art strength comes from transition periods & stress relief. So I’m carving away on my block print to show her something this afternoon.
      Yes, the visions of angels are NOT her style. Not certain what would be except pachabel’s cannon or some other symphony.

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