Friday I went down for a 1:30 visit and met up with Lee who was already sitting in her room. The nurses has started her on an IV drip of morphine so she would stop having all the ups and downs. Kim and Kirsten experienced some pretty bad stuff while they were visiting the day before. Fortunately the drip had not started when her two oldest friends from nursing school came for a short visit.  Lee and I found out Bonnie & Irene had stopped by via the nurse.

I was able to see some eye movement during my visit. She seemed to try to say something when I was leaving and telling her I loved her very much. It was one of the most difficult visits because of her inability to speak. Mike unfortunately experienced less reaction. Here is his report from his visit that also included Shannon and his oldest child Chris.

Not so good…
Radically worse than yesterday.

We heard Bonnie and Irene had come by earlier, probably
not quite what they were expecting. A morphine drip got
added to the mix today. I’m sure it helps remove the pain
but unfortunately it removes just about everything else too.
Yesterday’s dosage was (I guess) not keeping up
with demand at 2mg every 90-120 min. Today the
drip is delivering over four times as much.

I also heard from Gale who was there in the earlier afternoon.
Kim met up with us about six and Christopher came along too.
I’d say he did pretty well.
She was unable to converse and had reached the point where
her eyes were no longer following bright lights, apparently a
recent development according to the nurse, who also pointed
out that she is at least no longer making frowning faces due to
the pain. Hard to tell if that’s “no pain” or “no control”
I suspect it’s ‘no pain’ since she can still move some of her
facial muscles when she appears to attempt to communicate.
Things seem to be heading down pretty darn fast now.
I can’t really say if that’s a good thing or not. Sad.

Afterward Lee took us all out to a nice restaurant. I’m afraid
I didn’t appreciate it much.
Not really in the mood.
Sorry Lee.

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