morning walks at fort worden

Port Townsend is home to Fort Worden State Park along Admiralty Inlet and the straights of Juan de Fuca. For the past three years of ArtFest, I’ve fallen in love with the area. I try to get in two walks out to the lighthouse around sunrise and sunset.

On my way out to the lighthouse I watch for wildlife. Most mornings I encounter eagles, crows, gulls and several cottontail rabbits. Occasionally seals pop their heads above water for air. Small flocks of birds fly low over the water. I kept hoping for good sunrises, but alas it was not to be had. Maybe next year.

Thursday morning I was unable to discover any otter tracks, probably due to a later start. However Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings were filled with them. Was it one or two otters creating all the tracks?  I don’t know. Just wish I could have caught a glimpse of them.

Seaweed and rocks on the beach.

Before sunrise.

Two weeks prior to ArtFest, I discovered my great grandfather lived in Port Townsend for a while. Maybe another trip will follow of a non-art variety. He certainly chose a beautiful place to live in 1881!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

One thought on “morning walks at fort worden

  1. One otter. Four feet in each group. The longer hind foot landing where the front foot has been. Typical otter lollop. (Y)

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