Unexpected Invitation

Last week I wandered out the mail box expecting bills and the usual junk mail. There was a large envelope at the bottom of the pile. I thought it must be for Dave, since he receives the majority of those types of things. However, it was addressed to me and was from Art About Agriculture.  Upon opening I discovered an invitation to participate in the 2011 show. WOW!!  What an honor.

For almost 30 years, Oregon State University’s Art About Agriculture has offered abundant views of the lands and produce around us. From the coastal waters over the valley and mountains to the high desert of eastern Oregon, all areas have been represented. The show will be up in May at OSU for one month then journey to the Rogue Gallery in Medford for another month.

Wednesday I placed the acceptance letter into the mailbox. The prospectus indicates three works can be submitted, 3D work can not exceed 32″ in height & length plus no more than 11″in depth. Humm, think there will be some problem solving to tackle. At this point I realize anything submitted will be new work, no reaching back into the limited piles for finished pieces (due mainly to size constraints). No submitting the leaf coat due to it’s size. Drat! The really large triptych is also off the plans. Looks like I’ll be spending the next week figuring out where to start first and gather together some sort of game plan. Could I really accomplish 3 works and get them photographed by Harold Wood before March? Guess it’s totally possible. Two would be lovely and they might even select one to exhibit. Scratch those thoughts! Just think about the first project to dive into and worry about the other stuff later.

Time to finish the holiday card and keep moving forward!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Invitation

  1. Please relay “Happy Birthday” wishes to Uncle Lee. I know he’s older than I am. I still remember the first birthday at the 2 story house on Kincaid St., going to the noise parade, and “joining” Lee and date for a movie at the Mayflower Theatre. That was in 1946 and ’47. Time flies when we’re having fun and even when we’re not having fun. Party hearty! ! !
    Love, The Zonies – Marilyn, Ron, & Sparky dog

    1. Thanks Marilyn for the memories! That’s certainly an era he doesn’t talk about. We might even pry loose a couple stories after relaying yours.
      Love to you all down in the sunshine!

  2. Gale, you are very deserving of this honor and look forward to seeing what you create. You’re going to be a busy gal.

    1. Thanks Cynthia and Ella. Yes, the studio space will be busy. I’ll be drawing, cutting and printing up a storm!

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