Pre-Show Work

My mission today was thus:

#1: Take a couple of photos of my designated space in the gallery

#2: Work on a maquette to better solidify my visual concept.

With a barking Maggie waiting in the car, I  took a couple of photos and did some quick measurements of the west facing wall in the Main Gallery.

The long wall is right about 15′ then does a little jog at the northwest corner (right corner of the image). This is the area I plan to build the branching forms out of. If you look to the left of the long wall, you will encounter the double doors leading to staff work area and the Corrine Woodman Gallery II.

Since this area is well traveled by staff and art patrons, I’ll need to keep a clear pathway. At about 8ft up the wall is a small 2″ ledge with nails. Ahh, this is how I’ll string/support my forms using wire strung between the walls.

With this knowledge, and some pretty good guessing, a foam core maquette came together.

Initially constructed prior to today’s measurements, the long wall should have an additional 3″ added to represent 3 feet. But I think you can get the main idea. The branch forms are not to scale either. They are constructed out of twisted paper to represent the paper & wire armature. The “person” is just under 5.5″ so almost representing an average person’s height (give or take a couple of inches). The push pins represent nails along the small ledge.

Above image represents a bee’s eye view, or maybe it’s a fly’s view.

Below is what would be viewed looking through the double doors  from the staff office.

The branches shown are definitely too large and I have yet to represent the leaf and flower structures. Seed pods are still mulling through my brain. I’m actually thinking they might be scattered on the ground under the structure rather than hanging from branches. Lots to keep working on before starting in Saturday at noon!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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