scissors, glue & paper happiness.

I was honored when a fellow blogger and artist (that’s you Gale!) reached out to me to a make some baby name artwork for a new arrival! I was pretty excited to make something for someone who isn’t a friend or a family member (let alone a fellow blogger on the big world-wide web)! I learned that the parents have a lovely long hairy Siamese that is part of the family so… why not a curled up kitten?

I decided to post a snapshot of my sketchbook. This is usually how it all starts – making a list of ideas and some notes (i.e. cat in mug?).  I usually do a few very quick sketches (i.e. bad sketch of cat in a mug). Then I end up doing something that would actually look nice on a nursery wall…

I learned a few things – such as spelling the baby’s name correctly…

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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  1. I should have made my comment prior to re-blogging, but this is a new thing for me. Katie Shafer is a fabulous paper artist on the East Coast and I’ve been wanting to get one of her works out my direction. Fortunately, little Riley K came into the picture and I couldn’t resist. Mamma Tiffany & Papa Brandon are adjusting to life with the little one around. I’m hoping Stanley the cat is accepting his new flat mate too. Thanks again Katie!!!

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