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Rock to R&B, Pop to Country, Kathy Byram’s Art is A Mixed Bag

June 28, 2013

A lovely piece on my friend Kathy Byram’s art. I’m so looking forward to viewing her new work!

Philomath Open Studio Art Tour & Sale

Sitting in Kathy’s living room with a hot cup of tea on a cool, rainy, spring morning was like sitting in my most comfortable chair at home curled up with a favorite book. The conversation seemed to flow as if we were old friends. Somehow I think Kathy’s personality makes everyone she comes in contact with feel this way.Kathy1

Kathy was raised in Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota. There are many artistic people in her family and so she was surrounded by art. She and her cousins spent many hours wandering through the exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Kathy can remember taking clay classes at the age of five and the smell of clay takes her back to that time even after all these years. Her father was an architect and he inspired her love of art. “My parents were not rich” Kathy states “but we had art all…

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