Negotiations and playing with paper

Life has been rather full of dogs over the past several weeks leaving little time for other things. However, there have been a few art related items coming to the surface of the slobbery dog bowl. Last week I received an email from a gal in Montana requesting the use of one of my prints as her letterhead image. Wow! First, I was impressed she didn’t just swipe it from the web. Secondly, she was a legitimate business! I bet some of you have received emails from people interested in purchasing your work but not in a regular fashion. As you start checking further, you learn the “person” is actually (according to the IP address) from Africa or Asia and has no connection to who they say they are. One to toss into the spam pile. Anyway,the camas block print image will soon be used by a business out of state and I’m happy for it. We’re still negotiating price. I might end up with some lovely dried peaches!

Last Friday, I was supposed to have a clay play date with my pal Cynthia Spencer( check out her work @ Work in Clay). I wanted to learn more about her stacked totem sculptures and was sooo looking forward to a brain break. However Mr Moby, Zeek and Maggie all put a stop to it. Mainly Moby with his more invasive surgery. Since I was banished to watching the hounds from hell, I took the opportunity to experiment.


Earlier in the week I helped hang a nice show at the Albany City Hall. I had only been in the building once for jury duty and hadn’t noticed the sculptures and paintings in their permanent collection. One wall sculpture really grabbed my attention since it looked an awful lot like paper and flat wicker strips. It intrigued my brain just enough to head into the studio and experiment with scraps of wicker and paper.


The two sections will now be joined together to create something… I’m not certain what at this point.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

14 thoughts on “Negotiations and playing with paper

    1. And having dog #4 gone is also helpful. I’m looking forward to playing more in this area to see where the wicker can go.:)

      1. Rosie, thanks for the link. Keith has amazing work! Oh, the possibilities with paper……

    1. In my studio, you never know what’s tucked away! I suspect most mixed media artists are hoarders in some ways. Actually the wicker was leftover material from a Sitka class taught by Helen Hiebert back in 2010 in paper as sculpture. We used the flat wicker for creating cylinder forms. I knew back then it would come into play when my brain was needing it. The new possibilities are looking good but I still have a hankering for clay!

  1. This looks really promising, can’t wait to see how it ends up. We have just introduced a new puppy to our household with two older dogs. Not as many challenges as your situation but still interesting times. Karen

    1. Congrats on the new puppy Karen! A young dog is so exciting (and aggravating) all at once. I hope your older crowd is accepting the newbie.
      The home crowd is starting to calm down. Or so it seems for the moment.

      1. I was worried that my 4 year old Westie would be jealous of the new puppy, but she is besotted and will lie there watching him sleep, waiting for him to wake up a play again. The 12 year old lab is patience itself but would just rather snooze in her basket. Karen

      2. That is the big question. It is a rescue puppy and we know its mum was a Kelpie, (Australian Sheepdog) the father could be a Doberman as he is Black and Tan but we are not sure. We do know he is the wiggly-est, high climbing bundle of trouble who of course has won our hearts.

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