You’re not supposed to be in the house!

We’ve had a variety of animal/bird/reptile visitors in our home over the years. I typically don’t freak out too much and approach the situation as calmly as possible once the dogs/cats are out of the space. I’ve removed snakes, baby rabbits, voles, field mice, flying squirrels, numerous birds, frogs… but today’s visitor was new. We’ve never had a hawk come in. The hounds from hell alerted me to something different upstairs…. Look who was hanging in the skylight screen….


This is an immature Sharp Shinned Hawk. Once I had the dogs removed from the house I could asses the situation. My big worry was his claws getting totally caught in the screen, but that didn’t happen. I gently removed the pole that helps open the window and pushed against the screen near his body to encourage him to move. He did! Of course he couldn’t quite figure out that there was a wide open front door just below a small window. Eventually he came to rest on the stairwell handrail.


Such a beautiful bird! Somewhere in my collection I do have a small falcon/hawk hood. It was from a bird who was injured at our coast house, rehabilitated and released back into the same neighborhood. It too was a Sharp Shinned Hawk.


This one decided to visit the dining room which has a nice large accessible window (and removable screen). He rested on the curtain rod for a bit while I wrangled the screen and window open.  I used a large bin to keep him safe against the window and gently ushered him to freedom. He sat at the opening for a moment and took off.  Whew!!! Success!!!

Our normal feathered friends (the cockatoo and 2 ancient cockatiels) were less than impressed with the visitor. It was like having a murder come to visit… They were happy to see him go!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “You’re not supposed to be in the house!

  1. All’s well that ends well…he looked very stressed, as were your other feathered friends I’m sure. interesting, thanks, jean

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