Work Influence

I was perfectly happy not knowing what amazing technology was possible with my camera phone. Blissfully moving through life without this extra art influence. Then the new show hit my “to do” list at work and photos started rolling in to be organized for the jurors. Was I impressed with what I saw? YES! Yesterday, I finished re-sizing and uploading images from the accepted artists to the website. This process allowed me to further examine what people were creating. It made me wonder: Can my phone do all that too?

The Arts Center is offering a class specifically on this new photography style by artist Kat Sloma who happened to be one of the jurors for the exhibit. I have no clue how the photographers altered and layered images but I’m tempted by this class. Just what I need right now, something new to clutter my brain!  Wrong! Bad brain! Really, I don’t need it…. but I do!

Below is what I played with this morning after going to physical therapy. Original on the left, altered on right.

zeek originalZeek altered-w


Oh, the happy Zeek boy! He’s certainly been a good art muse for me!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Work Influence

    1. I realized I won’t be there because I don’t have a smart-enough-phone. No Apples at this home…. yet. 😦

  1. What capabilities do you need on the phone gale? I have my iPhone 4 that I’ve kept around to play music that you are welcome to borrow. I also have an iPad if that is better. You are welcome to borrow either one.

    1. Tracie, you are such a dear friend! I’m actually hoping to have an ipad by that time. This might actually kick me into gear to finally get one! My big hurdle has been which model to get…. I’m so terribly slow on making purchases that cost more than $100. Since the workshop is in late August, I should have enough time to figure things out. 🙂

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