Sticking Seed

grass seed

Attaching grass seed securely and keeping it from falling off the forms during wax application ended up being a challenging task. I could imagine the wax bath becoming clogged with oodles and oodles of loose seed. A cleaning nightmare!  First idea: sandwich seed between 2 sheets of paper, similar to what I did with the ashes. Downside:  it creates a lumpy texture and possible air bubbles when saturated with wax. Second idea: utilize the same “glue” (but a tad thicker) that I’m already using and apply a second coat to secure things in.

seed pod

I opted with the second idea since the concept of extra texture was appealing. Once the experiment started, I worked through all the forms without much difficulty (except for how dense the seed became on the form). They did have to be thoroughly dried before adding additional coats of sticky stuff.  Hmmm, what about color? I probably should have added color BEFORE attaching all the seed. Bummer!

grass pod

In the end, the color leaned towards light aqua, similar to the Ledger Camas.

Seed Camas_Gale Everett

Seed Camas, without flowers. Hopefully none of the grass seed starts sprouting! Wow, now there’s an idea for a completely different work…


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Sticking Seed

  1. What an amazing idea to stick the seeds onto your cannas, you know that I eagerly await each new post to see what the next one will look like. Just sorry I can’t come and see the installation in person when it is done. Karen

    1. I wish you could come see it in person too Karen. I’ll try to get good images and pass them along!
      Halsey, the town receiving the installation, is one of the biggest shippers of grass seed in the valley. Adding seed was a “must” for this project. Still trying to figure out a train influenced camas…. that one has me stumped!

    1. I’m already working out the next installation and it will be a BIG one. Of course, it all depends on if the gallery will select me. I’m giving myself a year to complete it! More info to come…. but it won’t involve sprouting seed. I’ll have to keep mulling that one over for a while.

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