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Displaying our catch back in 1975: big sister and I holding up trout probably caught along the Donner or Blitzen river by the Steens Mountains in south-eastern Oregon. Our dad filleted and cooked them for dinner. It was a big milestone for me, my first successful fishing trip. The sport didn’t “catch” on. I did a few other worm drowning experiences and one fly fishing trip, but that’s about it. Fly fishing, according to my dad, was the only real fishing one could do. I loved to watch him loft out line and drop it right on target.

Thursday I reached a different milestone: I graduated from physical therapy sessions. Three months of foot work is over. They even offered me a tshirt, but I declined. Yes, I’m actually able to walk without pain. The feet and ankles still require some major muscle building and constant attention, but the tools to accomplish the task are now in my hands (or feet!). Two years of pain are finally behind me! I’ll miss seeing the therapist and staff, but hope to stay away for a long while depending on future exercise routines. The next thing to work through are the fingers. I’ll be in splints for the next few weeks to keep from using the damaged digits. If that doesn’t help, then I might be back to see Paula again. I’ve also set myself up for creating one more Camas plant for an upcoming show at the Benton County Historical Museum. It’s a month away. I should be able to do it, I think!

There is another milestone coming that scares the crud out of me. Next Wednesday I give an artist talk regarding the Camas project in Halsey. I get a tad freaked out with public speaking, but hope to make the experience easier with a slide show and props. This should help focus the talk and keep people interested. There might be more than 10 people there. I can handle a small group, but I think there will be quite a gathering. Probably best not to know the numbers in advance.

Last Sunday was another marker of time. We had a memorial gathering for my brother-in-law who passed away 2 months back. It would have been his 62nd birthday. A wonderful outpouring of love from his siblings, their children, and our side of the family. He would have liked it.



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Remember, the audience at the artist talk is there to hear what you have to say, they will be oh so interested, and yes a slide show is a fantastic help. Good luck!

  2. The one thing that will always capture an audience, no matter the topic is passion. You are passionate about your art work and it has such a fabulous story in how you put it together. I was riveted through your blog, they will be blown away in person. Great news about the feet, good luck with the hands. Karen

    1. Thanks Karen. I so appreciate your support from “down under”. Sunday should be an excellent day to pull together images since the weather is expected to be a tad warm (32 C and above). I’ll keep the passion in mind as I progress forward!

  3. So many milestones! Very good to hear your feet are on the road to recovery, once your hands are fixed there will be no stopping you! The photo is wonderful, so much capturing the era, and so distinctly American (not sure why …) Good luck with the talk, you will be fine, there must be so much you can say about the journey with the camas, and the slide show gives you a path to follow.

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