This was the Sunday report from my sister regarding Tom’s progress:

” Tom is off the ventilator. He is receiving oxygen, though just at his nose. He is coming off sedation, so is quite uncomfortable, though still has pain medications for the pancreatic pain. He is moving a lot and the wonderful nursing staff has their hands full keeping him from pulling on tubes. They told me he will have dialysis again tomorrow (Monday). I think he could comprehend what I said. His throat will be very sore for a while. I think the ventilator tube was taken out just shortly before I went in. He has developed a fever and is receiving Tylenol for that. His platelets are up some. His blood pressure is his own. Mainly though, the tube is out! Hurray.”

I managed to make it through the weekend at Open Studio. My energy level Sunday night was zapped. Today, Monday, will be filled with trying to tackle my brother’s apartment and business. Dave returned Sunday afternoon safe and sound. He too will be helping out with the “fun” today. I think Amee will be coming after all. We will be so happy to see you smiling face. Hopefully Tom will too, but I suspect he will be pissed off. Oh well, that’s what happens when people love you: they step up and show their love by  visiting and helping out however they can!

At some point I need to go sorting through prints because several sold over the weekend. I should have just run my full edition of block prints way back! Who knew folks would actually purchase them. Plus the block prints have been a bigger seller than the reduction screen prints. Go figure!

Onwards with the “fun”



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Would love to see the reactions of Zeke and Reggie when they see Aimee.
    I hope the med staff stay on top of that infection or whatever is causing Tom’s fever.
    Glad Dave is back. Jean

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