Cut in red


I’m seriously considering purchasing a cutting machine to save my hands from further damage. The above stencil is 6″ wide by 15.25″ tall (15.25 x 38.7 cm). It will yield an elegant lamp in the end if I can cut and assemble it. So picture the black becoming a white/offwhite background and the red either staying red or becoming dark blue or black. Trim it out in a dark color and voila! My fingers are not impressed by this new design. They are already crying mercy after dealing with the template. I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching machines, and I think I’ve found a winner.

My brother’s health continues to improve daily. For the most part, he’s pretty well “there” with his brain, but some things are still rather goofy. Yesterday he really thought it was my sister’s birthday and wanted her to leave and go enjoy the day. Of course, my sister’s birthday isn’t until May, but at least he’s trying to figure things out and is actually thinking of other’s health and well being. His trach tube will hopefully be removed next week prior to his moving into a rehab facility. Monday, I’ll be checking out 2 or 3 facilities on behalf of the family. It’s nice to have the dates shift 2 weeks earlier than expected. The wild ride isn’t over yet until we can get him settled into his own home and work again. And work is another thing that has to be settled by Monday or the previous owners will foreclose on him. Time will tell…. I just hope it leans in Tom’s favor. He’s certainly been put through the ringer.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Cut in red

  1. Great news about your brother, he has improved so much, it must be great to have him able to communicate again. I have a silhouette cutting machine, it works well, but takes a bit of time to get used to how it works. The cutting machines will make your life so much easier, which one were you thinking of buying. Karen

    1. I’ve looked into silhouette but have decided on a KNK Zing. It can handle much thicker material than the Silhouette, which is what I need. Now I just have to part with my earnings from the studio sale. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Glad to hear of improvement in your brother’s health! Hope the cutting machine makes the work easier. Love new tools, myself.

  3. It is wonderful to read your posting and hear that your brother is doing so much better. (I have been thinking of a cutting machine too). Maybe after you get one and use it you will post your research conclusions?

  4. I am glad to hear your bother is doing better. I would love to hear more details about your research for cutting machines. It is not at the top of my list but it is on there.

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