Sipping wine

Springhill cellars is our local winery. How local? It’s about 1.5 miles from our house, maybe a bit less. They offer Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Port and Fedeweisser (only during the Thanksgiving weekend!). For the past 6 years, we have made it our after-Thanksgiving tradition to walk to the vineyard for a wine tasting. Thanksgiving weekend has always been a huge deal for the winery’s everywhere. Springhill is a bit different since they make it a Fedeweisser event. Here are a few images from this years walk.

Moby wine walk-2014

Moby the whiny dog. The dogs were not allowed in the barn so we took turns with them outside in the gentle rain. Below is the late afternoon view towards the coast range.

springhill cellars-2

Below is the barn where they hold the tasting and grilled sausages from a local maker. They always have a barn dance on one of the nights.

springhill cellars-2014

The super fuzzy face of Mr Zeek. He and Reggie so enjoy getting out and meeting new people. Hard to believe they only have a few months left with us!

zeek wine walk-2014


Walking back home always involves hills in our neighborhood. Dave has Moby and Zeek, while our neighbor Gail is walking Reggie and carrying 2 bottles of port. I’m lagging behind under the weight of 4 bottles of wine. I should have brought a small back pack rather than the small cloth bag. 🙂

walking home-2014

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