Taxes and tribulations


Urgh! Where has time gone? What happened to all the daily sketching for Feb? I’ve been spending days, and part of the weekend, organizing everything for 3 sets of taxes. Meanwhile, the weather has been gorgeous!  Plum trees are blooming, leaves are emerging, vultures are slowly coming back to the area. Yes, vultures return home to the valley even before the swallows. They are the first avian signs of spring. Anyway, toss in computer issues and overall grumpiness from having to do paperwork and it’s certainly not made me a fun person to be around. All I can say is this: February 2015, I tackled more days of drawing than previous years! Hurray!

There have been a couple of trips to Eugene to take my brother shopping and deliver requested items. I’m really wondering how his body is fairing. Yesterday I had brief contact with him. I woke up the resting patient with my delivery of chairs, juice, papertowels and a car battery. He seemed confused about the time and he looked paler than usual. I know that therapy has been harder than normal. His body is compromised by a rotator cup injury creating more pain than necessary. I called him today to set up a time to take him in for blood work on Thursday. His speech remains compromised and trying to figure out what he’s asking/ telling remains a giant challenge. Sometimes I over think things, jumping to conclusions, which doesn’t help the situation. Other times he attempts to spell things out and I can’t even tell what letters he’s pronouncing. Speech therapy on Thursday morning then I’ll gather him up for lunch and a trip to the clinic in the afternoon.

I’m so looking forward to March! A little escape from everything is going to be bliss!

The above doodle was created on brown builders paper. More stippling fun with a touch of color.



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Taxes and tribulations

  1. Urgh, I know the pain of paperwork and taxes. I spend more time procrastinating then doing them, good when it is all done at you can get back to the important things in life, art! Karen

    1. I’m a horrible procrastinator and I love having a deadline to kick my ass into gear. Only a few more things to gather and take in to the accountant next week and I can breathe a sigh of relief, until I have checks to write. I’m horribly pleased I’ll be done with it all well before the April 15 deadline!:D

    1. It makes sense to start things off at the beginning of the year. Why we have an April 15th deadline is beyond my scope. All I know is that I love my tax accountant. I never would have been able to deal with my parents trusts and all without her.

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