Crescent moon 


 Saturday we went in search of a different snorkeling location. We had been scoping out milepost 13 to where the road moves over the rocky headland to the south. Yes, milepost 14 is a great spot, but we needed to try something different. The beach was beautiful and snorkeling sucked. After spending the day there, we headed into Kihie for dinner at the Maui Brick Oven- a fully gluten free restaurant. It was the first time I’ve had good (non home cooked) pizza in over 2.5 years. On arriving home,we had missed sunset, but not moonset! At this latitude the crescent rested at the bottom. Hmm, a position I hadn’t even thought about before! At home, it moves from right to left. I decided, in honor of the different moon position, to attempt a night drawing like what my friend Rosie Scribblah creates from time to time. All I had was a charcoal pencil to work with. It was a beautiful sight that looked so much better in person than on the page! At least it will be cemented in my memory and that’s what counts!

A5 sketchbook and charcoal pencil. 

Maui- western shore. 

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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