Relearning Life

Big Tires, Kahului, HI

Am I really home again? I could swear the warm sunny skies and sandy swim-able oceans were just a dream. The house is quiet, with exception of a ticking clock in the print zone. The cats are outside, a single Moby dog sleeping on the couch upstairs, cars moving to and fro on the main street to the east. The surrounding environment has morphed while we were gone. Green leaves have emerged and many of the blooming trees have completed their display. Fortunately the forest plants have just started. Trillium and orchids have been reported by many friends.  I realize there is still more of spring to come!

We arrived home yesterday after a red-eye from Maui to Seattle followed by a quick flight to Portland. Moby was retrieved even before reaching the house. He seemed happy to see us, but it took a few hours before his brain chemistry settled down and he started acting more normal. Nigel was enthusiastically pleased to see us once he was let outside for several hours. Yes, I locked the cats indoors while we were away. His enthusiasm continued through the first night, sleeping on the bed, attacking my hands while I tried to sleep, yowling around the house until one of us yelled at him and he would come running with a happy chipper meow. I had thoughts of Simon’s Cat as he kept purring and walking all over me.  15 pounds of kitty love. This morning there was evidence of dried blood on the sheets from where he attacked my hand. The bedroom door will be mysteriously closed tonight!

I’m looking around the studio with glazed eyes, wondering what needs my energy. I have several things that need closure on my brothers behalf and for our taxes. It’s amazing how life come rushing back and slaps you in the face. All that beautiful warmth and love felt while on holiday is quickly becoming smushed down. This afternoon I’ll work on a book for a sketching collaboration due very soon. The paper below will become the cover for this upcoming  collaboration. It holds the perfect sensation of the subject. I’ll let you guess at the subject matter!



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Relearning Life

  1. That paper is stunning Gale, can’t wait to see the book! I’m hoping to get mine together this weekend …
    Hopefully the holiday will have recharged your batteries sufficiently to tackle all the jobs that are looming. They aren’t going to go away, but they may be more manageable!

  2. Ah, welcome home. I too enjoyed your vacation posts. Glad you have plenty of spring to enjoy, I’m still looking for it up here. We had now last week!

    Your paper is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Cathe! I’m hoping you’re finally starting to warm up a bit. I have family in Minnesota, the Chicago area and Connecticut that are all craving a snow free life! May your spring start emerging more rapidly and kiss that cold goodbye!

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