Let there be light!

Hand cut, colored and now waxed blackberry vines!
Hand cut, colored and now waxed blackberry vines!

It’s a lovely change to move through a project and actually enjoy the end work. That doesn’t always happen in my brain. It sees all the nicks, imperfections, badly orchestrated portions, and almost never the good parts.Shake n bake my brain in a coating of depression and things really don’t progress well. Eventually, after loads of time, I can sit back and think “hmm, that actually looks pretty good!”. It’s just amazing that there isn’t the wait with this project. I’m actually pleased with how it’s all coming together.

close up look at the waxed blackberry piece
close up of the waxed blackberry piece

A friend asked me what will happen with this work after the ROT project? Right now, I can’t even think about it even being accepted to the show, where to display it if it’s not accepted, or who in their right mind would even want to purchase the work. That thought process will destroy my momentum forward. It will place too many doubts in the brain and slow things to a standstill. I just have to keep thinking this is a big experiment right now, keep the blinders on and continue to move forward. However, once enough works are created, then I can become unattached and send it out into the world.

Thursday evening I was happy enough to actually glue and set the tree rings to a piece of mulberry paper. It’s drying, slowly, under 20# of books and magazines (topped off with two chunks of thick metal). Maybe by Friday afternoon I’ll be able to contemplate mounting it to a frame and work on the next chapter of it’s life. Cell structure breakdown might be the next cutting project. I’ll figure it out by Sunday.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. You should be happy with this one Gale, it is lovely. The waxed paper gives it a look as if the bramble is up against a frosty/ foggy window. Just a perfect feel for the image and colouring. Karen

  2. Beautiful work Gale. If I gave to much thought to my creations I would probably just torch them but I think it makes my mind healthy. I have a crazy desire to always make things and feel a little hopeless if I’m just sitting still.

    Keep going this is great art!

    1. I’m always impressed at those who are driven to create daily. I waffle in and out of desire, probably due to so many other factors in life right now. Too much thinking and not enough doing.
      Thanks for your positive support!

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