rainy day dec

The storms are rolling in off the Pacific Ocean and hitting both Washington and Oregon in full force. High winds, flood warnings, heavy rains. It almost feels like a normal start of winter. I took the above photo at 11 am, yet the sky looked like it had back at 8 am. It’s going to be a gray day!

I’m not feeling very spunky right now. No artwork is getting produced. No drawings. No energy. Well, some energy keeps flowing into overdue house projects. We’re patching and painting the garage walls before installing more shelving units. It’s the attempt to gain control over the space before getting a new heating system.

There is a show I’ll be participating in at the end of January with 7 other artists. Deadlines are very useful for pushing my art buttons to move forward! The other deadline is for the overdue sketchbook to Australia. Maybe today will prove to be a great day to start actual work in the book.

We did sign up last week for a friends ceramics class starting in early January. Dave has been rather lost of late without any real extracurricular activities. He still desires to go back into glass blowing, but there isn’t a close studio. One has to drive an hour or more just to find something. He’s always been interested in ceramics, but not made any push forward. Now he is! I’m thrilled! It might eventually mean all the pottery gear will get back into use during warmer weather (and we have a full studio of equipment sans a slab roller, extruder, or gas kiln)  I might get back into the swing of it, which would be amazing. Currently I’m cleaning out old work that’s defective and ugly. One can feel rather satisfied after breaking loads of bowls and vases! More cleaning and clearing to come… the theme continues.

One rather monumental event did happen this past week. I finally put down our ancient cockatiel Quigley. He has lived with us for 24 years and was actually much older than that (having been part of a breeding pair that I acquired) . I’d been wanting to put him down for the past year, but he never showed me that specific “sign”. Last week he told me he needed to go. Lack of mobility up and down the cage bars sealed my choice. The vet managed to find an opening and we did the deed. I must admit this was the first euthanasia I’ve attended where I wasn’t sad about the loss. Now he’s waiting for a big funeral pyre in the backyard, which might be a while due to the wet weather.

Tomorrow I’ll post what I get accomplished with Anna’s sketchbook. Actually saying this in writing will help me move forward on the project today.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

17 thoughts on “Rain

    1. It is, but it was his time. This year I might actually have space for a christmas tree! Those bird cages really take up a lot of space. So do cat posts…

      1. Nigel was the good kitty. Meme is sporadic, mainly using whatever carpet she can. Needless to say, I’ve started tossing out some of the posts since we’re down to one cat.

  1. So sorry Gale about Quigley, even when it is time for them to go they leave a big hole behind in your life. You menagerie is quite diminished, is there room for a new member? Good luck with Anna’s book. Karen

    1. Funny you should mention how small the household population has become…. I was out looking at a perspective dog today! We do have room, but it’s kinda nice to experience such low numbers.

      1. Yes it is! We’re still debating whether or not to get her. This evening will help with a visit by our dog and the two of us. Moby really needs a buddy, but I don’t know if a small friend will do the trick.

  2. Gale you have so much on your plate! I’m just amazed at how you deal with so much. I would love to get into ceramics, that sounds like a blast!

    1. I suspect that’s why I breakdown more often than normal. But then what’s normal? Ceramics was my main focus in school but it slipped away when I started working from home. Too many studio failures and not enough positive results. Hopefully beginning again in a different surrounding will help me break out of my slump.
      Now if I can get back into printmaking again, I would be really pleased!😄

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