Starting Anna’s book

Annas book_pg1start

I’m keeping true to my word and showing a preview of page 1, which is far from completion. Monday afternoon I finally sat down and started sketching in Anna’s book. Many months have passed since it’s arrival to Oregon. Several subject matters to tie into her ‘Circle of Life’ have come and gone. I actually started on a different idea today and erased it. Currently, we have brightly blooming cactus in numerous rooms of our home. The oldest of the plants I received almost 36 years ago from my brother Tom.  The plant was gifted to me inside a white bag that my brother had added several colored pencil drawings to the outside. I probably still have his drawings somewhere. Now it’s my turn to do a little sketching to pass it’s history along. So far, I’m just getting a rough idea of what I want to do (placement and size). Colored pencil work to come Tuesday.

I’ve also started sketching the full page spread (as seen below). This is it’s second reincarnation already, which might actually stick this time. There will be another flower view. Or leaves. Or something. Time will tell. 

center spread_annas book

Amazing what can finally be done when push comes to shove. Deadlines are a good thing in this household.

And yes, I’ll post Tuesday’s work as it comes together.




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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

14 thoughts on “Starting Anna’s book

    1. It feels good to be diving in. It’s way overdue but I think the images should turn out better than several months back! Happy brain =happy drawing!

    1. Thanks Karen. I didn’t get time today for work, but tomorrow should be good for several hours of focus. I have to wait to accept a new cage for the cockatoo before heading out to revisit the shelter dog. I love it when shipping companies give you a 5hr delivery window.

    1. So you’re probably not realizing that the beautiful already colored work was accomplished by my friends. I’m the lackey who is slowly filling up the pages with cactus blooms at different stages. Thank you for all your positive support. I love my friends dearly!

    1. Thanks Cathe. I got a bit side tracked by the new dog. Yes, we are now the forever home of a terrier mix. She is going to be quite a handful! Any small dog tips are welcome. 😄

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