Relearning printing

waiting for breakfast_GaleEverettStudio
“Waiting for Breakfast”, drypoint, 4″ x 6″, 2016

Whew! The print is finally finished with an edition of 15. This was certainly a relearning experience that I won’t soon forget. I managed to create 14 prints before I realized I needed to be polishing the negative space around the dog in order to achieve a clean print. Why it took me that long, I have no clue except it’s just been so long since the last etching/drypoint. Friday was spent creating the new “clean” edition. It surprised me how much I’d forgotten about general printing practices over the years. One thing that amazed me was how wonderful the inking/wiping/printing stage can be. So much focus on the plate, looking for how much ink has been removed via scrim/newsprint/paper towels. Getting things just right before hitting the plate with a soft cotton rag and cotton tipped swabs. I became totally absorbed in the process and worked through lunch. The additional plate clean allowed the remainder of the tan paper to be successfully used, along with some white. Hopefully others enjoy the image of Hazel and she can make a few trips around the world with the exhibit.  She certainly wouldn’t travel the distances in real life! I think Moby is a tad put out by her entering the art model world after only 2 months of living with us. I can see more drypoint dog images to come!

Bed dog_galeeverett

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8 thoughts on “Relearning printing

    1. So true. Each print is always slightly different than the next. It’s a labor intensive art form, but certainly worth it!
      Tell Sparta I’ll consider a cat soon. I actually have a great photo to work from of a neighbors pet recently deceased. It would be nice to commemorate her in this form.

  1. Hazel is such a cutie, I love how her ears go up into such points. She looks very relaxed and at home now. Always a joy to watch on as you step us through your processes, I learn so much. Karen

    1. You’ll be getting a little Hazel in the mail. Of course, it will take a little bit of time… And yes, she is feeling like this is home. Potty mistakes are few and she is even being allowed out of her crate while we’re gone! But only for up to 2 hrs! I don’t trust her longer than that yet.

      1. Really a little Hazel coming my way, how exciting. You have just made me very happy. I am so glad she is settling in so well, being left home alone is a big step. She sure is a cutie, it would be such fun to bring Hannah over for a play. Oh well, just a little far….

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