Circle of Life- The Final Sketchbook

AnnaWarren_ Book Cover_

Here is the long awaited completion to Anna Warren’s Sketchbook collaboration. The project was started in March 2015. Anna’s theme was “The Circle of Life”. I found it fascinating that we all chose plants as our muses for this book. Below is the first group page. You can get  a flavor for what each artist is following.

AnnaWarren_Group Front page

Next is Anna’s incredible graphite drawing of a native Australian plant called Christmas Bells.The detail in this drawing is so delicate and beautifully shaded. The touch of color is very striking in contrast to the graphite. Lovely!

AnnaWarren_Open Page

Karen Bailey is next with a stunning colored pencil and pen drawing of a squash blossom. There is so much playfulness in her work. I’m always amazed at her blending of colors and accents of black lines throughout the drawings.

KarenBailey_open page

Now on to Cathe Jacobi’s light and fun Peony blossoms. I always enjoy how Cathe uses additional lines to frame in her work, but have the petals and leaves overflow the lines.

CatheJacobi_Open Page

On to my crazy Christmas Cactus blooms jutting out from the sides of the pages.

GaleEverett_open page

Last drawings, the group spread. There is a surprise under Cathe’s Peony petals… but that’s for Anna to discover!

AnnaWarren_Group page

And the final written section…

AnnaWarren_Back Page

A huge thank you to Anna for starting this sketchbook journey. It was an honor to be part of a collaboration with such incredibly talented artists! Everyone has been so supportive of one another’s work and life. I hope we can continue forward with this friendship and sharing of art!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Circle of Life- The Final Sketchbook

  1. Oh Gale, it is looking SO good! Your work completes the book in the most wonderful way, there is such harmony between the four of us, and yet each is so individual. This just makes my day! It really has been a wonderful journey that we have all been on, and I am pretty sure we have more journeys ahead of us!

  2. The grand finale! And such a worthy one. You have done a great job with this Gale, you work sits so well with the others. I can’t get over how lovely each book turned out. Such fun. Karen.

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