Combining Techniques

Eventually I’ll be posting a video, but things are not quite to that stage yet. I started experimenting with combining fish prints, a lithography technique and thrown ceramic forms. In the end, it becomes yet another way to transfer prints to volumetric forms, but my prints to be exact! It was a rocky start and rather disappointing at the beginning, but that changed after the ink sat for 2 days. Below are the images of the first vessel with freshly made ink. Rather sad!

friday fish1_testfriday fish2

I wasn’t too keen on getting going again, but took the afternoon on Sunday to play more. The results were much better! Straight sides without any additional curve were the best forms to work with, like the below image.

sunday fish1_test

Shot glass size (or maybe a wine cup) receiving the image, before burnishing.

sunday fish2_test

Below: left is the same shot glass, right is a coffee mug with curved surface (and it was very difficult to work with).

sunday fish3_test

Larger vase form with larger fish. Bummer about the creases, but I can clean that up.

sunday fish4_test

So far, things are working out, but the true test will be in the kiln. Part of me really wants to run a test load with practically nothing inside, but I don’t like to waste the energy. We shall see if curiosity wins over practicality.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Combining Techniques

    1. Thanks Karen. I think they are looking pretty good too and also can’t wait for the firing. Today I’m working on getting my entry together for the Rural Arts Project. Photos of lighted works is so difficult!

  1. These are looking great, the fish image is beautiful, I love the slightly crumbly texture of it – there is an arcane quality to it. I’d love to hear the methodology of making the transferrable image, if you don’t mind sharing it!

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