Crazy thinking 

coping saw

What happens when your brain shifts into art overdrive, when ideas start flowing like hot oil? (I guess it could be called manic, but I won’t go there…. ) As I started preparing for the upcoming talk, my brain flew off the handle with new ideas. Well, not necessarily super new, but applying similar ideas to a different project.This is a project I had adamantly told the Arts Center I had no interest in. Who knew I would change my mind with less than 2 weeks to submit?  I’ve come up with a concept for the 2016 Rural Arts Project. I couldn’t turn my brain away from it today! Images were flowing through the grey cells, getting diverted to a mental flow chart. “If I take this path, then I’ll have to solve this hanging problem. If I take another path, then I’ll have to deal with this set of weight issues. Paint!? What about paint???” Fortunately, I know someone who once were in the field of sign painting and have many tricks up her sleeve! I’ve already contacted her and set about researching lighter weight materials from her suggestions. On Friday, or later, I’ll pick up a small sample to see how it does with cutting via a scroll saw. Ohh, tools! We like tools that cut without damaging fingers! But can I find one that allows enough flexibility with size, or will I be using a coping saw for the inner sections? Time will tell.

Materials used are always the big thing to figure out with an installation project, especially one designed to hang on an exterior wall. Two paths are possible: Plan A uses an aluminum coated, corrugated plastic board that’s able to withstand weather outdoor for 10 years, 120 mph winds, no rot and seriously light weight. Plan B looks at thin plywood, MDF, OSB, or something else to cut and paint heavily. I’m hoping Plan A works. $$$$ will be a big determining factor.

So what/where is this years Rural Arts Project? It will be based in Halsey (the town I created the camas project for). They are looking for mural/ wall mounted art that will focus on the city’s interests/ history/current visions (or something like that). I’m not divulging what I’m really thinking. The ideas will leak out if I make it through round one of the 2 part jury selection.

For additional information click here to visit The Arts Center website.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Crazy thinking 

  1. Very excited. Of course this most fecund time of year plants a few seeds that sprout. I’m living off your creative energy so send some good thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks Cynthia! It’s always good to have wonderful friends pulling for me! I’m guessing we won’t be seeing you at showcase? You need to get back in the studio!

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