Getting Closer


I’m working like crazy to get the project completed by this Friday. Why Friday? Because I want the weekend to myself! I’m so tired of the whole thing. Yet, I have to keep plugging along and try to forget those negative thoughts as they arise.

Today I started bracing parts together. What does that mean? Well, I only had 4 ft of product to work with and I required 5 ft in the long panels. So splicing occurred and now extra aluminum is being epoxied both front and back on the seams. The center granary is requiring extra bracing before it receives a few more curvy cuts. It was easiest to add the extra foot at the bottom of that design.

I had hoped to join in a show this Thursday during the Corvallis Art Walk. A friend asked on Sunday if I would be interested and I (of course) said YES! Silly me! My plate is far too full for jumping ship right now. The show is titled Then and Now, looking back at the art from our early years and comparing it to current work. Sounded like fun!  I declined the invitation this morning but I’ll post the image of me at about age 4 and a drawing I made during those early years. The image was of a card I received for my second birthday. The framed piece hung in my fathers studio until I cleared out the house in 2013 after his death. I didn’t even know it was my work until asking my sister. It’s nice to have older siblings. gale-age-4-and-drawing

The baby I’m holding isn’t a sibling but the child of family friend. I think it was the only child they had since the husband died mountain climbing on Mt McKinley in Alaska.

Back to the project!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Getting Closer

    1. Progress has slowed due to back muscles giving major fits of pain. Nothing like alternating coldpacks and going out to paint/prep panels. Possible rain this weekend too….

      1. I really wanted to do this first one on my own to get a feel for how everything works. I do have a company here in town that could do a beautiful job of cutting for $$$. If I decided to go further into this field, I’ll be having them do the physical work. My back is much better today. Pity the rains came early. Puts a damper on painting!

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