Scritchy Pen

cat doodle feb 7 2018

Art hasn’t been part of my daily life for quite some time. Sure, I pull out tools and beat on walls, smear joint compound over mesh seams, paint and repaint, but it’s not the same.  Sitting down with a pencil/pen in hand and attempting to fiddle with an image requires a lot more brain power. Today, I pulled out an inkwell and scritchy nib to work a few marks.

The studio space currently houses the cat. Actually, the entire downstairs houses the cat! Every morning she starts demanding attention when I’m sitting down (upstairs) with tea. The dogs response is typical: frantic barking and running to the gate that separates their space from hers. Every. Single. Time!  When I do join her, it takes about an hour of lap time to appease the furry beast. Eventually she tires of me and goes off to sleep. I’ve been working on multiple wall and cleaning projects downstairs so she feels less lonely.

The two upper cats are jut goofy doodles created with sepia ink and a drawing nib. I’ve been contemplating cat heads for a ceramic piece.  I ran across the drawing nib when cleaning out more boxes from my dad’s studio. The bottom sleeping cat is Me Me after she left me for her heated bed (pencil). As an old lady, she spends large amounts of time there.

Time to get working on the newest wall mess….


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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