Welcome 2019!

Good bye 2018! Hello 2019!

Benton County Courthouse, Corvallis, OR December 21, 2018

You already look like a year poised on art potential! You’re a clean slate, a brand new sketchbook waiting for pages to be filled, a fresh box of sharp crayons (cause who didn’t love opening a new box with their sharp unblemished tips and colors!) Fingers crossed with keeping the positive energy flowing.

Last night I attended the first dog class of the year. The training center is only 12 minutes from home! Hazel, the terrier, had been in training for Scentwork since adoption 3 years ago. However, she decided 2018 wasn’t the “Year of Hazel” and took a major training break. Stepping back into the ring my expectations weren’t high.  Will she remember how the game is played? Heck YES! Rather than the aloof attitude presented a year ago, she was spot on! She sourced all hides and exhibited a great attitude. Ok, she also had some pretty sweet treats: cheddar cheese and a chopped up homemade pork tamale from New Year’s Eve. So what does dog training have to do with artwork? Indoor Dog Murals! The concept was floated out there last summer but I couldn’t commit to the process until after the Halsey piece was delivered and installed.  After class I finally started talking with Sharon about some of her thoughts and hopes for the space. There are numerous walls and 3 fabulous columns that could possibly receive dog related art. It felt great to be back in the pack of dog loving friends.

So the studio door is back open and I’m looking forward to some serious artistic challenges plus great play moving forward in 2019! Finishing off the collaboration books (started last year) is front and center on the design table. Time to pull out the colored pencils and get to work!

May 2019 bring you many moments of happiness and love. Plus lots of art!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Welcome 2019!

  1. Great beginning. Love Hazel’s success, push on to greater achievements. Enjoy whatever you do, Best wishes to Dave, you and critters. Love, Jean

  2. Happy New Year to you too Gale – I’m feel very positive about the year ahead, looking forward to lots of creative challenges! Hazel must be thinking positive too. The dog murals sound fascinating, I’ll look forward to seeing what emerges!

    1. Thanks Anna! I’m learning projects that scare me are worth taking on. So I will be jumping into the deep end with my bucket of colors. If it looks horrible, I can always paint over it!😁
      May the new year bring loads of creativity and happiness!

    1. Poor Sparta, I wish there was a cat training center that needed walls improved on. But alas, no such thing exists! I’m pretty sure she would be the first to jump on the training experience!🤣😺
      I’m scared of this project, but know that the challenge is something I need/crave. Jumping into the deep end!

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