slow development

iris start_1

A new year and I’m finally pushing forward with completing the much delayed book stack. This is the third rendition for Anna’s book. I won’t mention what the other two subjects were because the season is long gone. Since winter is here, I only have dried iris pods hanging around the back yard that spoke to my brain. There seems to be an overall fear of drawing that has blanketed these past many months. Not sure where or why it developed, but it needs breaking. Today was a designated drawing day (I wrote it down on my calendar to hold myself accountable.) It may be a slow process, but by posting a photo I hope to keep it progressing to completion by months end. The other two books remain packaged up on the shelves above the drawing table. Tucked away from marauding kittens and desperate dogs.

More pencil work to come before adding watercolor and colored pencils.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “slow development

  1. I hate when the dreaded fear, or blankness, or anxiety of what to draw, how to draw comes over me too! Thinking of you! Hope you push through and enjoy it. Looks beautiful so far!! xoxo

    1. I’m surprised that you, of all people, have any trouble starting a page. You’ve made drawing your life, so it seems like it comes easy for your brain. So much practice you’ve put in to reach your accomplished level. You really are an inspiration, plus Anna, Karen, and Cathe. Thanks for your positive support!

  2. Its looking very beautiful so far Gale! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting a few marks on the page, so you are off and running. I have yours looking at me, and I’m still mulling over my subject matter ….

    1. Mull for as long as you want. It’s no hurry!
      This week might be more promising with your page. Feeling more positive with getting the seedpods fleshed out.
      Thanks for your patience!

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