The countdown starts on both ends

Africa departure date: 22 September

Dave’s mom status: pre-active dying

Last night we actually had a quasi conversation on the phone with her. She was fairly lucid, had drunk several different items and had jello. My sister in-law had the phone on the table as she talked and worked to get Lucille to drink more from a cup. It was humorous at times with Lucille trying to spit seeds “out the window” (and there wasn’t a single pip in the drink). She seemed to know who we were but didn’t grasp the concept of not being there in person. “Come visit more” was her request, yet we live a fair distance away (Albany Oregon to Austin Texas is over 2 thousands miles apart). She got fairly jolly for a while, laughing at something. We said our goodbye and hung up.

Will that be the last time we hear her voice?

Today Tim reported she’s very peaceful resting in bed. Not agitated, not trying to fight things but picking bits of imaginary lint or strings out of the air. I’m glad she has a bit more peace today. The fighting to break out has been hard to digest even from so far away, but it’s been a fight for her life. Dementia hasn’t been part of my repertoire of diseases until Lucille was diagnosed. I’ve done some reading into it and it’s not been pretty. To think that the brain is withering away, neuron connections not making it through, a difficult path towards death for all involved. I read articles on current Alzheimer’s research and other dementia related brain disease. It helps the science side of me to grasp at the full process unfolding in our laps.

Nothing can alter the current path for Lucille. Her course is set. Arrival date unknown. We wait and hope she’s comfortable enough. Her crew that signed on to take her to the final destination have been wonderful. Hospice workers are amazing souls. My sister in-law and her family were amazing to have taken Lucille in to their home for the past 8 years. So much love surrounds this woman and her family.

We wait.


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4 thoughts on “The countdown starts on both ends

    1. ❤️
      Death is never easy, nor is the process leading towards it. I think everyone is doing as well as possible. Sunday morning departure is growing closer and closer.

    1. She’s still hanging in there and I’m planning to continue forward with the Africa adventure. Good thoughts received and I will pass them forward to her. ❤️

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