Over the hurdle

Hello November with your blustery days. The atmospheric river of storms are dumping rain around the Pacific Northwest (aka “the Pineapple Express” due to the high temperatures). I went walking yesterday with my neighbor and we both had to pull off our coats. It was in the 60’s! The flood of rain is hitting farther north, but it should still reach us at some point today. No worries for me because I’m spending time cleaning up after the frenzy of wool creature creations. Everything was dropped off yesterday. Over $2,000 of product. I sure hope some of it sells!

During the craze of everything, the owl was requested to participate in a show at the local Arts Center in Corvallis. It will be dropped off next week. I’ve been neglecting my photography of product because, well, it just takes so much energy to make that portion of things happen. So to help make things easier, I finally broke down and purchased a collapsible photo booth with LED lighting & swap out background. The biggest problem was what size to purchase. Since I’m hoping to be creating larger works I opted for a 24″x 24″ cube. The brand is Fotodiox. The owl photos below are from the set up

Is It Safe?
Is It Safe? Wool Barn Owl in cedar box

Is It Safe? Wool Barn owl with Cedar box

So what’s next? I think, after rearranging the studio to be habitable again, working on finishing the walls and ceiling in the downstairs portion of the house. If that zone can be completed, we could finally move back into the space rather than using it as a dumping ground for work gear. We could finally move the TV and a couch to the space! Of course the flat file cabinets and intaglio press still wait for an actual studio but hopefully that will happen in 2022.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos from my crazy critter creations waiting for the big 3 weekend sale at the Vintage Roost. Did I mention that it’s only 2 miles from my house? I’m so looking forward to seeing the festivities!


Thanks for your patience waiting for a new posting. Hope your November is moving smoothly and life is good.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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