Spring around the corner

The fog finally burned off and revealed a beautiful day. My mornings are spent gathering up the animal crew for feeding and medications (plus lots of cleaning up after the old dog). By 10am, both Mocha and George are wanting their daily exercise. At 16 1/3,  Mocha (German Shorthaired Pointer) rules  our household. George (Spaniel/Basset mix) is waiting his turn to rule, which will not be long.  All the other critters (cats, cockatiels & cockatoo) vie for attention as well.  Artwork gets squeezed in during those few hours of doggy nap time.

Today, our walk at the local park was beautiful. Grass still mucky (rubber boots a must) but the Osoberry was showing its first green leaves. It’s always the first shrub to show foliage. There are several Osoberrys along the creek-bed. A lone vulture circled overhead. This was the third sighting of the week. Last Sunday was my initial sighting for their anticipated return. Some people wait for the swallow’s return, I get excited with the carion eaters.  The last squadron  left our area on  Oct 8. While the dogs and I rambled through the park that fall morning, 15-20 vultures silently passed overhead. Now they are returning home.  Roadkill beware!

The vulture was not the only visible bird this morning. Geese also occupied the sky while robins hunted at ground level for worms and other edibles. Flickers were audibly present along with acorn woodpeckers in the oaks. The dogs pay little attention to these goings on. George enjoys searching for furry, four-legged critters like grey and pine squirrels.  Mocha just concentrates on smells. It’s a great park to watch change over the seasons.  Too bad it’s becoming engulfed in a sea of subdivisions.

Willows down the road have also started opening their grey furry buds. I might have to go trim a few for a table display. The cottonwood leaf buds are swelling. All of  life springing up from dormancy pushes my creativity into “drive” mode. I have a new project started that involves weaving pages of old textbooks. Once something solid emerges, I’ll post an image. It might end up being my project of choice for the Community Open at The Art’s Center in March. Must be time to head outside into the sunshine!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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