Artful ballot box creation

On February 28th, the Arts Center will be holding yet another Chocolate Fantasy & Art Auction. Joni and Bernie corralled me many months ago to create tastefully executed ballot boxes. Having worked for the Arts Center for several years, I couldn’t turn them down. The three boxes didn’t turn out too terrible.  The one thing I didn’t inquire about was the ballot size. By chance, they fit!



Looks like I need to take clearer photos! Sorry about the blur factor.

All three boxes are resting on rubber feet & their dimensions are 8x8x8.  The bottom is easy to open with a special latch. A reporter from the local paper happened to be there when I dropped them off and a couple of photos were taken.  I might just end up a part of her story.

So, that was my Sunday afternoon plus Monday evening and Tuesday morning.Tickets are still on sale for the event. Always great chocolate, wine and other tasty treats.  KC Cowan of Oregon Art Beat will be there as our special MC guest. I’ll be there collecting trash from participants.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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