Lambs of Spring

Friday’s highlight was visiting my friend Carol’s place out in Philomath. I picked up Lauren and we headed out around 1. The day couldn’t have been better. Sunshine and 60+degrees.

Here is our tour around the farm.


Lambs and more lambs!


He was checking us out!


One mom had triplets! I think these were all hers…


Lauren with a fuzzy friend.


Now it’s my turn!


Hanging out at the barn.


Lauren searching for a found object… snaffle bit for the horses. Maybe it would be a nice necklace!


Harry explaining the original barn structure as Lauren & Carol watch.



The horses heading out to pasture.


Gale, Carol & Lauren in the barn.


Finding a comfy spot in the hay.

The end!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

One thought on “Lambs of Spring

  1. Hi Aunty Gale,

    I would love to go to the farm when I am out there this summer. Really like the blog!!! Love you, Zac

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