Howland Community Open

It is time for all in the Corvallis/Albany/Philomath community to VOTE on art! Yes, the Howland Community Open is upon us and all can participate until April 2nd with a vote for your favorite piece of creativity. The Arts Center is open from Noon -5pm, Tu- Sat.  So go VOTE!

Some of my favorites:

Ella Rhoades’s “I am what I eat”: a cat food mosaic.

Carolyn Madsen’s colored pencil drawing of a female Merganser.

Harold Wood’s altered digital image of a poppy seed head (would love to purchase)

Bill Shumway’s small bird painting (would also like to purchase).

Paige Shumway’s small painting of ? Was it a river scene?Can’t remember…. but it was nice.

Several children’s drawings on the back wall…. and one nice leaf coat.     Yes the leaf coat is on display! Please check it out in person~

Show dates from March 24-April 18,Awards ceremony on Thursday April 2 or is it April 3?

You can check the Arts Center website at:

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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