Back home

Lee returned home to the couch Thursday. On Wednesday his dance card was full at the hospital. They started the morning with a bone aspiration for biopsy, shifting to a full body radiography from head to toe with pirouettes and more blood work that indicated he needed a transfusion. By evening he was receiving 2 pints of blood or what he referred to as “kickapoo joy joy juice”. What a day!

Info: MRI indicated no breaks but T10 vertebrae was quite sensitive when thumped. Blood count dropped from 8 to 7.7 thus pushing forward a blood transfusion. After transfusion the level went to 10. The floor doctor wondered if he might have internal bleeding that was dropping his levels. I don’t think a colon test has been performed as of yet. We also found out a bone biopsy was performed during the initial kyphoplasty back in April and results indicated no cancer. During the second round of kypho, no biopsy was performed.

More doctor visits scheduled for next week and the week after. Fortunately for all involved, he likes the oncologist. If it were possible he would probably try to hook him up with the granddaughter.  He reports to be feeling a tad bit better over the past two days. Mobility level was quite high yesterday. He was up and walking to the kitchen and bathroom 5-6 times plus he pulled himself up into a sitting position several times on the couch.

I’ll be heading back down to Eugene today.

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