A week off

Lee has now been through a full 21 days of oral chemo therapy and in the middle of his 7 days off of lenolidomide- Revlimed. So far there have been no major side effects except loss of sleep due to the dexamethasone (steroid). He’s been enduring a very slow recovery from the last Kyphoplasty. Pain has been intense but might finally be decreasing. He has been loosing a lot of weight and eating less, all major concerns for us, but it does seem like over the past 5 days he has started eating more. This week  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with him. By Wednesday he was a bit more chipper and for the first time did some sketching. What peaked his interest to get him sketching? Well, its a birdhouse project I’ve been invited to participate in for the Arts Center. With a little encouragement, I might even get him to do a collaborative project between the two of us. If he designs the piece, I’ll pull it together even tackling more serious joints that he likes to create.

I’ll keep you posted on where things go with this. I have multiple ideas streaming through my head for my own piece.

Next time I’ll be with him is on Monday. We will have a visit to the oncologist (commonly referred to as the “little red head boy”) and receive a calcium treatment while we’re there. On Tuesday the “termite medication” starts back up for another 21 days. We’ve found that the best way for Lee to understand medical terminology/processes is to put them into the world of building houses. He currently has both a termite infestation (the cancer) and dry-rot (calcium depletion). Guess the family should be studying up more on home improvement terminology!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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