A day off

Here I thought my Monday would be a good day to regain energy for jumping into the new week of creating. Instead, I spent most of my morning and afternoon worrying about George’s vet report, which turned up nothing. Somehow I also managed to sleep very little last night due to him. 2:45am meds isn’t quite what I really wanted to do… plus I REALLY didn’t want to wake up at 1:30 in anticipation of the alarm clock. The brain works in mysterious ways.

I also have managed to possibly get myself into trouble with a “beater load” of Abaca pulp. According to Travis at Twinrocker, the current supplier of Abaca is not keeping the quality up to snuff. Each batch is different.  So to try to achieve the translucency and shrinkage rate, he highly recommended getting it beaten to a Very Fine consistency. It should be shipped out tomorrow. I kept asking if I could freeze it. He kept talking about refrigeration. Well, I just might have missed what he said. It’s possible. Anyway, it’s ordered. Think I need to start making more lamp forms to sell! Maybe even some bugs since there were several friends who mentioned they would LOVE to purchase some. If I create it, will they purchase???

The screen is finally at the finishing stage for creating paper. Just need to secure down the window mesh over the plastic lighting grid and staple the foam onto the top. Need to locate good lidded buckets and drag a couple of yogurt containers out of recycling for scoops. Argh, still need to cut up couching material. Where is the wool blanket? Ok, guess I’m not quite to the finished state yet!

Time to figure out dinner…..

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “A day off

    1. Ok, I’ll add you to the growing list from folks…. not certain when I’ll get a chance to come back to work! 🙂

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