Artists@Work: day 6

Saturdays have a more laid back feeling at the Arts Center.  Since I was unable to participate on day 5, it was great to see the other artists progression.

Kendal went to town with recycled items.  Her main table space was filled with multiple ongoing projects.

Below are several recycled material mosaics.

Below she used plastic coated wire and staples to create an interesting design.  Makes me wonder what will happen next with that piece. The white and black dimensional design was originally “sketched” using black electrical tape on white paper (visible in the top image in the center of her table).

Like I mentioned earlier, Saturday was a bit looser feeling as visible in the below image. Hester was very kind and brought in an afternoon treat from our local gellatto joint. Elaine pulled up her dust mask and posed next to a ceramic sculpture by Alexis Spakoski. Party time!

Her blind drawings are really taking form. She draws a different section of the gallery space each day.

More of Elaine’s work in progress. The crouched nude is one of my favorites.

Julia Lont was busy today. Part of her artwork was bringing in an edible creation: a wonderful fresh baked Marion Berry pie! So tasty! With her 2D collage, she started incorporating fabric.

Her table space is looking very active and alive with creativity. Very similar to Kendal’s space.

Artist friend Carol Chapel came to participate in Julia’s Laundry Line of Memories and it was a perfect opportunity to document the process. Below, Carol is receiving instructions about the transfer method.

Outside, Carol starts using a solvent marker over the back of her toner based photocopy. Under the photocopy is a piece of fabric that will receive the transfer.

Carol takes a look at how things are transferring onto the fabric.

Getting there!

Finished image is on the fabric.

Since I was gone yesterday due to an ill dog, it took me a while to get into the swing of work again.  I managed to produce three smaller branches with extra twigs. Hope to get them attached on Tuesday if all goes well with the dog.

I really enjoyed talking with the people who came by the center Saturday. Great to see new faces come into the arts center for their first visit. Equally good to see old friends! A very enjoyable day.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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