Seizures Weekend with George

Many of you who know me realize I have a great passion for my pets. Our vets shake their heads at how old our critters reach before their date with death. A geriatric household is the norm. The cockatiels are all over 20 yrs at this point. The past two dogs, a basset hound and german short hair pointer lived to be 15.5 and 16.75 yrs respectively.  Our current old dog is just past 12 yrs, has had 2 TPLO surgeries, darthroplasty on both hips and numerous other adventures in his long life. Yesterday morning we started down a different trail, seizures. It’s not like we haven’t experienced them before. Barnaby the cockatoo has one about once every 2 months. The GSP  had them on and off throughout her life. Lance, the store cat from Animal Crackers (where I used to work) ended up having multiple ones before we put him down. With him it was a brain tumor. Now it’s George’s turn.

They started at 6:50am on Friday and we’re now at 9:30am Saturday and experienced a total of 7. They are progressivly getting longer but not up to 5 min yet. It takes almost an hour before he’s really back to semi-normal. The last three have affected his vision for the first 30+minutes. Floor space is getting well cleared thanks to the stumble bum. How long will this last? We have no idea. Blood & urine samples were taken on Friday. Results should be in Monday to help rule out certain  items on the list of seizure inducers. I’m hedging towards cancer of some form. Rather pessimistic of me, but things have been changing over the past 3 months.

Will he stay clear of the emergency vet? Will we have to venture into administering liquid Valium up his, well, you probably can guess where. Will I really make it into work today? Most likely if Dave can handle the seizures without me around.

The Amazing Geriatric Dog adventure continues!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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