Artists@Work: Day 7

The start of a new week and new possibilities! Will it be a productive day or not? I think it turned out rather ok. It’s been interesting watching the others create throughout the days and realize how similar we react to a problem. I find that when a problem really stumps me, I just move to a different idea. This allows me a little space to breathe and reexamine what the original problem was. Seems like the other three act in similar ways.

Kendal has multiple projects in the works. Her larger blanket design seems to be on hold while working on a more familiar smaller format. First two images below are ones she completed on Monday, but she might have worked on them today, I’m not sure.

Below image is one she worked on quite a bit today.

Today I felt rather caught up in rearranging how the sculpture hung on the wall. There were multiple branches I attached to the main limb while it was down on the table. Then how to re-position the beast? I completely changed the support lines and moved it away from the corner. By moving the support lines to a much higher location, it will allow a more open feeling above the sculpture. The two horizontal wires set at 8 feet really bugged the heck out of me and I’m glad they are gone!

By hanging it in this new location it will be able to spread out farther in both directions and feel more prominent rather than hidden in the corner.

Hester and I spent a little time talking at the days end about the piece. She voiced a positive opinion on the work but I have problems with it. Is that normal for me to have issues? Yes! Will I actually enjoy the work… eventually. For now, I have many parts that are irritating me and need resolution. Once I get there, it will feel better. On my drive home, I actually had some pretty good ideas on how to move the branch structure back into position once the paper is applied. More trips to the hardware store should take care of that idea.

Wednesday is the Brown Bag Talk. Will I just wing the talk? Probably. It’s already after 11pm and my brain is not holding much. Tomorrow will bring something better!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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